Why are there scratches on the surface of the aluminum alloy shell


There are several ways to solve the scratches on the aluminum shell:
1. Place the profiles reasonably in the material frame to avoid mutual friction as much as possible.
2. Use soft felt and plastic strips to separate the aluminum alloy shell from the auxiliary equipment to reduce the friction between them and cause damage.
3. Enterprises must improve the quality of mold repairs, and aluminum shell molds must be nitrided regularly and strictly implement the nitriding process.
4. Clean the working belts such as the discharge track and the swing bed in time to prevent debris from affecting the production and processing quality of the aluminum housing.
5. Strictly control the quality of the chemical composition of the ingot; improve the quality of mold repair, improve the precision of mold manufacturing, and regularly nitrate the mold and strictly implement the nitriding process parameters.
6. Handle with care during the production process of aluminum housing to avoid scratches caused by human factors.