What is the use of ps plastic and what is its molding performance?


PS plastics are used in the production of electrical parts for televisions and tape recorders, high-frequency capacitors, the production of optical instruments for construction, as well as combs for daily necessities, school supplies and children’s toys, etc. It is not easy to decompose, has good fluidity, and can prevent deformation. , Next, I will introduce the detailed content for you.


1. Use of ps plastic

1. Electronic appliances: It can be used to manufacture TV sets, tape recorders and various electrical instrument parts, housings, high-frequency capacitors, etc.

2. Construction: used in the production of transparent parts, optical instruments and transparent models of public buildings, such as lampshades, instrument covers, packaging containers, etc.

3. Daily necessities: combs, boxes, toothbrush handles, ball-point pen holders, learning utensils, children's toys, etc.

4. Other aspects: it can be used for foaming to make shockproof, sound insulation, heat preservation, and sandwich structure materials. Refrigerators, trains, ships, airplanes, etc. also use them as heat and sound insulation, and can also be used as lifebuoys.

2. ps plastic molding performance

1. Amorphous material, low moisture absorption, no need to be fully dried, and not easy to decompose, but the coefficient of thermal expansion is large, it is easy to produce internal stress, and the fluidity is good. It can be molded by screw or plunger injection machine.

2. It is advisable to use high material temperature, high mold temperature, and low injection pressure. Prolonging the injection time is beneficial to reduce internal stress and prevent shrinkage and deformation.

3. Various types of gates can be used, which are connected with the arc of the plastic part to avoid damage to the plastic part when the gate is removed. The demolding angle is large, the ejection is uniform, and the wall thickness of the plastic part is uniform, preferably without inserts. If there are inserts, they should be preheated.