The Utility of Sheet Metal Processing Computer Aided Process System to Enterprises


Abstract: In the field of mechanical manufacturing, there is an important concept, that is, the sheet metal computer-aided process system. Sheet metal processing also plays a vital role. Through sheet metal processing, production costs can be reduced, and while production efficiency is improved, quality will also be improved. This article elaborates and analyzes the content and research purpose of the computer-aided process system for sheet metal processing.

  Processing technology is an important indicator of sheet metal processing, a standard for sheet metal processing, and an executive standard for sheet metal processing. With the development of the times and the advancement of science, computers have begun to be used in sheet metal processing technology. With the aid of computers, the processed products are more standardized, high-quality, and more efficient.

1. The significance of studying the computer-aided process system for sheet metal processing
  Since sheet metal parts are used in many mechanical related equipment and panels, the quality requirements of sheet metal parts are very high. The quality of sheet metal parts directly affects the quality of product equipment, so in order to ensure product equipment High-quality processing technology must be used in the processing of sheet metal parts. With the rapid development of science and technology all over the world, the equipment and technology of sheet metal processing are also undergoing corresponding changes.
  At present, my country's domestic sheet metal processing equipment has been using a large number of advanced equipment such as CNC punches, CNC shearing machines and CNC turning lights, and a large number of CNC technologies to ensure high quality and high efficiency. Although advanced technology can be used in the processing of sheet metal parts, the design of sheet metal parts must be completed manually by process designers. Due to the inefficiency and uncertainty of manual design labor, and the limitations of the personal experience of process designers, the efficiency is low and it is difficult to form standardization. As a result, the designed sheet metal equipment will only increase the update cycle of new products, which is contrary to the rapid update speed of other products, and it is difficult to meet the actual needs of product equipment.
  The manual labor of process designers will produce a series of problems, such as long update cycle, heavy workload of designers, high cost, consistency of design standards, and so on. In many cases, when designing new products and equipment, process designers will only proceed based on their own experience, so they will rely too much on the designer's experience, which is not conducive to the divergence of thinking, and it is difficult to produce breakthrough designs. The accumulation of knowledge and experience and the design of product equipment require a long-term process, which will cause conflicts between products and increasingly advanced processing equipment and restrict the improvement of production efficiency [2].
How to achieve the standardization of sheet metal process design, how to shorten the sheet metal process design cycle, and reduce the cost of sheet metal process design is a long-standing problem that we need to solve.

Second, the computer-aided process problems of sheet metal processing that need to be solved
  The computer-aided process problems of sheet metal processing that need to be solved roughly include five aspects:
  First, establish a sheet metal model and describe related information. Because building a sheet metal model and describing related information is the basis and prerequisite for all subsequent work;

  Second, extract the information of the sheet metal part model. By extracting the information of the sheet metal part model, you can know the information of the technological process, such as the materials used in manufacturing, the name of the part, the drawing number of the part, etc.;

  Third, establish a knowledge base of sheet metal technology. The knowledge base includes the knowledge of the desired sheet metal process, such as the information of processing equipment, processing process, processing personnel, etc. a large amount of information;

  Fourth, the problem of data exchange between various system modules;

  Fifth, output process results. Automatically generate sheet metal process cards, and this card can face both CNC equipment and ordinary equipment.

3. Research on computer-aided process of sheet metal parts
  1) Transform the sheet metal parts through the Solid Works software. In the Solid Works software, there are specific plates designed for sheet metal processing, including the elements of the sheet metal parts, bending, modification of the EXCEL table, selection of bending and non-bending Features, unfolding two-dimensional sheet metal parts and other functions.

  2) The establishment of a sheet metal process database can be achieved through the Access software in Microsoft Office.

  3) Use VB software to design various sections of the sheet metal computer-aided system and develop related software.

  4) Through VB programming, extract practical information.

  5) Output process results. The output process results include two parts: the generated process flow and the formed process card document.
  Establish a process database, sort out the process flow of sheet metal parts based on the characteristics of sheet metal processing, and then create a Word template that includes all the information. Then use VB programming software to integrate all the information again, enter it into the information database, and send it to the Word template at the same time to form a process card in the form of an electronic document.

Fourth, the system development process
  (1) Design the generation module of sheet metal processing technology
  1) Design the main interface of the process window. The main interface of the process window integrates the various sections of the entire sheet metal processing computer-aided process system, including: generating sheet metal process panels, opening sheet metal model panels, extracting sheet metal part information panels, outputting sheet metal process panels, and maintaining sheet metal information Database section. The window interface includes: display process flow part, menu control part, control command part, and display process diagram part.

  2) Design and generate sheet metal process window. The sheet metal process window includes: edit and display the process process part, fill in the process information part, fill in the sheet metal part information part, and connect to the database. Add controls similar to List View when designing and generating sheet metal process window, and realize editability by adding controls.
  (2) Design the output module of the process card
  One of the problems of the computer-aided process system for sheet metal processing includes the automatic generation of sheet metal parts process cards. The process cards include three parts: process diagrams, part information, and processing process information. Through VB6.0, the generation and output of the process card can be realized by using Word templates, and the output can be used in the form of electronic documents if necessary.
  1) The establishment of the craft card Word template. The process card Word template includes three parts: part information, process information, and process drawing. By filling in the work order number, material code, part drawing number, material specification and other options that need to be replaced, the corresponding form is drawn.

  2) How to set up VB6.0 in OLE. Setting up VB6.0 in OLE requires Appli-cation and ADO to complete together, and to generate process cards. At the same time, you must also ensure the object link with Word, so that you can call Word templates.

  3) Add the information in the template. Using VB programming, you can replace and find relevant part information and process information in the Word template, and pass the initial value corresponding to the process information and part information in the template, such as date, part drawing number, material code, part name, material specification, and staff Such information can be recorded in Microsoft Word through VB programming code in advance.

V. Conclusion
  The center of the product process data is the sheet metal processing computer-aided process system, which is a human-machine interactive application framework system that integrates information management and product process design. The processing of sheet metal parts through the computer-aided process system is conducive to the realization of the standardization of sheet metal design process, and it also has more practical value.