Process requirements for zinc alloy die castings


1. Zinc alloy die-casting will have a thimble hole dent. Choose a suitable position to place the thimble, and strive to achieve a balance of ejection, so as to reduce and avoid product deformation;

2. Zinc alloy die-casting items must have feed and slag discharge positions. The thickness of the runner is generally 3~4mm, the width is 6~10mm, and the slope is 10°. The thickness of the feed port is generally about 0.25mm

3. Part of the internal buckle position of the zinc alloy die-casting needs to be made into an inclined top. The thickness of the inclined top is 5*5mm or more to ensure its strength, and the angle is 3°~8°

4. Zinc alloy die casting is similar to other products manufactured by molds, and the required draft angle is usually between 0.5° and 5° (depending on the height of the product structure). Note that the draft angle is too small, which will affect demoulding and product deformation. 3. But not too big, otherwise it will affect the assembly.

5. The local small wall thickness of the zinc alloy die-casting parts should be 0.3mm, the average wall thickness should usually be greater than 0.8mm, and the rounded corners at the corners should be at least 0.5mm (depending on the specific structure).