Method for increasing the hardness of die in zinc alloy die-casting plant


Zinc alloy die-casting is a process in which the zinc alloy is melted by a die-casting machine and injected into the die-casting mold for cooling and forming, and then various fine processing must be performed on the rough parts produced. The whole process requires many people to participate. For these people to play a greater role, you need to have management, and a complete management system is very helpful for zinc alloy die casting.

Zinc alloy die casting requires the cooperation of all links, and everyone must be responsible for their own work. A sound management system allows everyone to understand their responsibilities, and there will be no unclear responsibilities. If employees shirk each other's responsibilities, failure to discover and solve problems in time will affect the production efficiency and quality of zinc alloy die-casting, and will also reduce employees' enthusiasm for work.

Speaking of molds in zinc alloy die-casting plants, molds are the basis of production. Insufficient mold hardness will shorten the life of the mold. This will directly affect the subsequent die casting production activities. Therefore, we need to pay more attention and take measures to prevent it.

The reasons are as follows: 1. The cross section of the mold is too large, and the hardenability of the steel is poor. 2. The mold quenching temperature is low, and the heating and holding time is insufficient. 3. Insufficient tempering and high tempering temperature. 4. After the mold is quenched and cooled, the temperature of the quenching cooling medium is too high and the cooling is insufficient. According to various reasons, we can summarize the solutions: 1. Correctly choose die steel. 2. The correct selection of quenching cooling medium and cooling method should strictly control the isothermal temperature and time. 3. After quenching, the mold should be fully tempered in time to prevent the tempering temperature from being too high. 4. If the mold hardness is high, cold treatment can be used. 5. Surface strengthening treatment of the mold.

Zinc alloy die-casting Because zinc alloy has good forming properties and die-casting properties, the processing cost is low and the production efficiency is high. It is widely used in the production of die castings. Most die-casting machines used in zinc alloy die-casting are hybrid drives, which generate a lot of black smoke and oil stains, so most die-casting factories look dirty, so is zinc alloy die-casting really dirty?

Zinc alloy die-casting is actually very clean, because zinc alloy die-casting will turn black once it is contaminated, and the appearance of die-casting is an important factor in judging its quality. Therefore, zinc alloy die-casting needs to use clean raw materials. If the final product is mixed in the die-casting process Impurities can also affect the formation of zinc alloy die-casting parts, which can cause defects, such as pits on the surface of the die-casting parts, and ensure the cleanliness of the castings. During the zinc alloy die-casting process, the die-casting plant will also clean the die-cast parts. Therefore, zinc alloy die casting is actually not dirty.