Is CNC machining center better or engraving and milling machine?


1. Is CNC machining center better or engraving and milling machine better?
   CNC machining centers and engraving and milling machines are commonly used mechanical equipment, and there are similarities and differences between the two. It is difficult to have an accurate answer if one insists on saying that the CNC machining center is good or the engraving and milling is good. There is no way to compare the different uses. The pros and cons of the two can only be compared in some small aspects.
   2. Is the rigidity better for CNC machining centers or engraving and milling machines?
   The rigidity of the non-moving part of CNC machining center is very good, and the rigidity of the moving part is also very good, which can carry out heavy cutting. The non-moving part of the engraving and milling machine has good rigidity, and the moving part is more flexible due to the requirements of the engraving and milling machine, so the rigidity of this part is worse than that of the CNC machining center.
  3. Is the spindle speed faster than the CNC machining center or the engraving and milling machine?
CNC machining center spindle speed requirements are generally 0-8000rpm. Although high-speed machining centers can reach very high speeds, engraving and milling machines require relatively high speeds on the whole. Engraving and milling machines require high-speed CNC systems, and spindle speeds are generally at 3000-30000rpm, some specific engraving and milling machine spindle speed is higher than high-speed machining center.
   Fourth, the processing range of CNC machining center and engraving and milling machine is different
  CNC machining center is used to complete equipment processing of workpieces with a large amount of milling, and can perform heavy cutting. The engraving and milling machine is generally used for processing equipment of small cutting amount or soft metal, and it is commonly used for lettering.
In general, if you have to compare, you can’t tell the difference. For example, you can’t use an engraving and milling machine in heavy cutting, and the machining center is useless in fine lettering. It can only be said that both have their own characteristics and The field of action cannot be compared hard.