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Injection Molding

For the rapid manufacture of plastic injection molded parts, ZTL Technologies

offers complete manufacturing solutions all under one roof. A multitude of plastic

materials are available to be used in the plastic injection molding process. Additionally,

completed plastic parts can undergo multiple surface finishes extending their use,

range of capabilities, and enhancing their appearance.

Once a mold is created, literally thousands of identical plastic parts can be made

using it. This helps increase efficiency, decrease costs, and get your product in your

hands faster. Plastic injection molding has uses across nearly every industry

imaginable, including:

  • Automotive
  • Home Goods
  • Medical
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Engineering

Plastic parts are used in nearly every industrial application! If you need it made, come

talk to us. Plastic injection molding is a simple and cost-effective solution for small-batch

and low-volume manufacturing.

Plastic injection molding produces high-quality plastic parts:

  • in a variety of custom shapes, sizes, colors, and textures
  • strong enough to weather extreme conditions
  • built to last


Every project starts with an idea. Whether you have a CAD file ready,

or need assistance taking your idea and turning it into a design, ZTL

Technologies is ready to assist! Plastic injection molded parts might

be part of a small inner-working, or the focal point of your entire

product. In every case, you have our full attention. Our team can

aid in design, help with material selection, or help in any way you

require – we are here to serve you! Once your design is ready for

production, your mold is created.

Mold Creation

Your mold is not your finished product. It is the mold with which

we will rapidly produce thousands of identical copies of your finished

product. Your mold is created in our own CNC department, reducing

time and costs. The mold is a hollowed-out cavity, built to

specification, using our CNC and EDM machines.


To create plastic parts, molds are filled with plastic pellets, then

superheated and injected to form a solid mass within. Once it cools,

the plastic part encased in the mold is built precisely to your design


  • Your design may require a process called Overmolding, the
  • layering of multiple polymers into one mold for added color, texture, and strength.

One mold can produce thousands of identical units.

Finishing and Shipping

We offer a full range of finishing options to add protective and decorative layers to

your plastic parts. After completion, parts are professionally packaged and shipped.

All shipments are tracked ensuring you receive your shipment in a safe and timely manner.

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