How to maintain the aluminum shell


1. When there are burrs on the surface of the workpiece, be sure to remove the burrs before measuring, otherwise the measuring tool will be worn and the accuracy of the measurement results will be affected.
2. Do not use oilstone or emery cloth to rub the surface of the measuring tool, the measuring surface and the engraved part, and it is strictly forbidden to disassemble, modify and repair the measuring tool without authorization.
3. It is not allowed to use the tip of the measuring claw of the caliper as a needle, compass or other tool, and it is not allowed to twist the two jaws or use the measuring tool as a chuck.
4. Do not touch the measuring surface of the measuring tool with your hands, because wet dirt such as sweat on your hands will contaminate the measuring surface and make it rusty. Do not mix the measuring tool with other tools and metal materials to avoid damage to the measuring tool.
5. The storage place of measuring tools should be kept clean, dry, free from vibration and corrosive gas, and should be far away from places with large temperature changes or places with magnetic fields. The measuring tools stored in the measuring tool box should be clean and dry, and other sundries are not allowed to be stored.
6. After using the measuring tool, wipe clean the surface stains and aluminum chips, loosen the fastening device, and apply anti-rust oil on the measuring surface when it is not used for a long time (more than 1 month). When the measuring tool is not in use, it should be put in the protective box, it is best to be used by a dedicated person, and the annual review record of the measuring tool tested by the authoritative unit should be prepared.