How to choose the raw materials of die casting for zinc alloy die casting processing


We all know the truth that it is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice, so the selection of the original materials of the die-casting parts in the processing is directly related to the quality of the die-casting parts. In the process of zinc alloy die-casting, we know that die-casting die processing cannot prevent the acceptance of some external forces such as impact, oscillation, and friction. Then there is a place for these raw materials at this time. Their existence can ensure that these external forces are accepted without being damaged. It can be seen from the above that it is very important to select high-quality die-casting mold processing materials.

In the meantime, the requirements for the selection of original materials are mainly related to the three aspects of material selection for blanking die materials, drawing die materials, and cold extrusion die materials.

Regarding the material of the blanking die, the blanking die with a thinner plate is generally selected. Since the material is relatively thin, we should pay attention to its wear resistance and hardness;

Regarding the purchase of stretch die materials, it is different from the material of the blanking die. When selecting this original material, pay attention to the non-adhesive performance and non-adsorption performance, and also pay attention to its wear resistance and strength characteristics;

Next is the selection of the raw materials for cold extrusion. When selecting them, we focus on the hardness and heat resistance of the raw materials.

Only by selecting high-quality processing raw materials can we produce real and high-quality die-casting products. Therefore, we must pay attention to the above-mentioned selection principles when selecting raw materials for die-casting processing.