Electrode design for household appliance mould manufacturing


As we all know, the competition in the domestic home appliance industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the profits of manufacturers are becoming more and more meager. Under this severe situation, for our home appliance mold manufacturers, we are also facing many difficulties. If we still follow the previous processing modes and methods, I am afraid Facing market elimination at any time. Therefore, we must carry out technological innovations and continuously reduce our processing costs in order to gain a foothold in the market. As shown in the old method, one part is designed with 4 electrodes (Figure 1)

(Picture 1): The traditional electrode design is 4 electrodes:

Solution: Starting from the idea of improving processing efficiency and saving processing costs, we can optimally combine the four electrodes of the traditional method into one electrode, but if one electrode is made, the cost of electrode material will increase, so we Carry out reforms in terms of fixtures:

(Picture 2): Self-made new fixtures after improvement to achieve the purpose of saving costs:

Summary: Small improvement, big effect. Under the premise of ensuring the cost of electrode materials remains unchanged, we design some auxiliary fixtures to pack 4 small electrode materials into the same fixture to achieve simultaneous processing of 4 electrodes, thereby achieving the purpose of improving processing efficiency.