Common methods of scientific production planning


1. Batch Control: The production plan is numbered with a certain batch and used as a benchmark for schedule control. This method is suitable for mass-produced products of inventory production, such as the steel industry and the chemical industry.

1. Take a mold in the manufacturing industry as an example:

Each set of molds has its own mold number, which is equivalent to the "ID number", which represents this set of molds.

As shown below:

2. Order Control Method (OrderControl): This method is suitable for order production, each order is coded with a number (sometimes the order quantity is large at a time, and the order is delivered in batches. The order can also be split to issue a manufacturing notice),

This approach is the most common in general enterprises.

1. Common production management tools are:

(1) Control chart

(2) The control kanban uses the control kanban to control the progress of the production line and the order of the whole plant.

(3) The manufacturing order form gives the manufacturing order form different colors according to different months, which is easy to distinguish.

(4) Production daily report

(5) Network equipment such as computers and other communication equipment can be managed instantaneously.

(6) Progress management box