Briefly describe the precautions in the zinc alloy die casting process?


The first aspect: zinc alloy die-casting is based on the metal share, which is prescribed. Zinc is the primary metal, and then a certain amount of aluminum, magnesium, and copper are added to produce the necessary zinc alloy ingots, which is the basis of alloy die-casting.

The second aspect: the raw materials produced by zinc alloy die-casting in the furnace, the share of new and old raw materials should be 7:3, this is the share, can reduce the loss of zinc alloy recast aluminum.

The third aspect: After the material is produced, the nozzle material is melted, and the temperature is controlled not to exceed 430 degrees Celsius. Prevent high temperature and unnecessary metal loss. And the production of electroplating waste can be separately reproduced in the furnace.

The fourth aspect: all the die-casting production plants are good centralized work, also the zinc alloy ingots under the smelting furnace. This can not only reduce the melting cost, but also have a large use of flux to ensure that each process is accurate.

The fifth aspect: Do not increase the cost of zinc alloy die-casting, pay attention to storage in a ventilated, non-damp, clean, clean warehouse, and strictly control the storage of storage to prevent impurities.