Benefits of Zinc Alloy Die Casting Die Flow Analysis


Everyone knows that die flow analysis of zinc alloy die-casting molds can provide a lot of useful information. Need injection pressure, clamping pressure. Of course you can know that the part is complete. Many filling problems can be ensured through mold flow analysis. Such as short shots, foam and uneven filling. Mold flow analysis can change the gate position, injection speed and other process conditions.

Sometimes people predict the deformation trend and estimate of the deformation analysis. Deformation analysis can be used to compare gate orientation, wall thickness changes or design changes. Mold flow analysis can check and correct the primary problems in the prototype. Of course, this analysis can know the power of the cooling circuit. The cooling analysis and deformation analysis can improve the accuracy. It is difficult to make changes afterwards due to the cooling water in the mold. Therefore, this analysis is often useful before mold opening.

In the production process of zinc alloy parts, the final link is often the appearance treatment. Doing a good job of appearance treatment can greatly improve the appearance of the product and improve its performance at the same time. Then you can know the cost of the surface treatment of the die-casting products. The following Huayin Fine will give you a detailed introduction to the cost of the surface treatment of the fine zinc alloy die-castings.

To make the appearance of fine zinc alloy die-casting products look beautiful, delicate, smooth, and texture, the indispensable link is the appearance treatment. At this time, many customers will be murmured, is the cost of appearance treatment high? What? If you don't deal with it, can this money be saved?

There are many surface treatments for zinc alloy die castings, such as electroplating, baking paint, electrophoresis, sandblasting, oil spraying, passivation, etc. The effect of each process is different, and the price is also different. How is the quotation for exterior processing? The quotation for exterior processing is also based on the size and area of ​​the product. 3D drawings and the required exterior processing technology will be provided. The engineering side will make a very detailed quotation. Single to you.

If you want fine die-casting products to have a beautiful appearance, the appearance treatment is an indispensable link. Only a simple polishing and polishing is far less beautiful than the appearance treatment. In contrast, the appearance treatment is far less beautiful than the appearance treatment. The sales volume is high. In this age, beautiful, fashionable, and sophisticated products are often more popular with a wide range of customers, so do you still care about the cost of surface treatment of fine zinc alloy die castings?

Mold flow analysis is able to predict the occurrence of weld orientation. At the same time, it can help the line where it is not easy to happen. Mold flow analysis can also provide some clues that affect the quality of the weld. Such as melting temperature at the front end and welding line pressure.