Analysis of the status quo of mechanical parts processing industry in 2020


According to the 2016-2020 China's mechanical parts processing industry development analysis and investment potential research report released by the China Report Hall, the production capacity of mechanical parts in recent years has not kept up with the development of the market, and parts processing has become a scarce resource. The current industry The market prospects of the company are very impressive, but considering the future development, companies should strengthen the maintenance and construction of the supply chain, and strengthen the strategic cooperation of the whole system, in order to effectively overcome the risks and impacts of the industry's economic fluctuations on the production and operation of the parts and components enterprises. Taking advantage of equipment, parts and components companies have begun to diversify into the parts processing field of the relevant machinery industry in recent years.

Before the industrial revolution, most of the machinery was wooden structures made by carpenters. Metal (mainly steel and iron) was only used to make instruments, clocks, locks, pumps, and small parts on wooden machinery. Metal processing mainly relies on the meticulous workmanship of the mechanic to achieve the required precision. With the widespread use of steam engines and the subsequent development of large machinery such as mines, metallurgy, ships and locomotives, more and more metal parts need to be formed and cut. The metal materials used have evolved from copper and iron to steel. the Lord.

Mechanical processing (including casting, forging, welding, heat treatment and other technologies and equipment, as well as cutting processing technology and CNC machine tools, cutting tools, measuring tools, etc.) has developed rapidly, thereby ensuring the supply of various mechanical equipment required for development and production. At the same time, with the increase in production batches and the development of precision processing technology, it has also promoted the formation of a large number of production methods (parts interchangeable production, professional division of labor and collaboration, assembly lines, assembly lines, etc.).

The current situation of mechanical parts processing is in short supply, but quality cannot be ignored for the sake of quantity. The current mechanical parts processing needs to meet the three characteristics of shape accuracy, dimensional accuracy and position accuracy in order to meet market demand and maintain a continuous development state.