Aluminum shell quality identification and inspection


If it is a professional enterprise to carry out quality inspection, it needs to do these four points:
1. Identification check: Whether the product standard code and production license number are marked on the aluminum profile and packaging.
2. Surface quality: In addition to cleaning the surface of aluminum profiles, no defects such as cracks, peeling, corrosion and bubbles are allowed, but also no defects such as corrosion spots, electric burns, black spots, and oxide film shedding.
3. Oxide film thickness: The oxide film of the aluminum profile is formed during anodization, which has protective and decorative functions and can be detected by an eddy current thickness gauge.
4. Sealing quality: There are many gaps on the surface of the aluminum profile after anodization. If it is not sealed or the sealing is not good, the corrosion resistance of the aluminum profile will be reduced. The commonly used methods of sealing quality inspection are acid leaching, admittance method and phosphobutyric acid method.