The difference between zinc alloy die casting and aluminum alloy die casting


The quality of zinc alloy die-casting products includes appearance quality, internal quality and use quality. The strength, hardness and formability of zinc alloy die-casting products are much better than aluminum alloys.

Compared with the quality cost of aluminum alloy die-casting:

If the structure and die-casting process permit, the use of aluminum alloy will certainly be more cost-effective. Because the proportion of zinc alloy is about 2.6 times that of aluminum alloy, but the price is equivalent, so in terms of material cost, zinc alloy die castings are 2 to 3 times more expensive than aluminum alloy die castings. In order to save costs, many companies now hope to replace zinc alloy die-casting with aluminum alloy, but certain functions cannot be replaced because zinc alloy has better strength, hardness and formability than aluminum alloy.

Quality standards are the life of an enterprise, the core of improving the competitiveness of an enterprise, and an important condition for improving the economic efficiency of an enterprise. Therefore, for improving the quality of zinc alloy die-casting parts, whether it is for the economic benefits of die-casting enterprises or to reduce waste of resources, social benefits are very beneficial.

The big differences in die casting process are as follows:

1. The processing technology and parameters are different.

2. Processing equipment is different. Although they are called die casting machines, they are not universal.

3. The melting temperature of the two alloys is different during processing. Zinc alloy is greater than 400 degrees, while aluminum alloy must be greater than 700 degrees.

There are many differences, but big differences are difficult to distinguish.

Aluminum alloys can make huge products, while zinc alloys cannot. The tensile strength and thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy are better than zinc alloy, and the surface treatment effect of zinc alloy is better than aluminum alloy.