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For prototyping, small-batch production, and low-volume manufacturing ZTL Technologies is your solution. Using the latest and most-advanced

technology available we produce parts, components, and prototypes quickly and accurately. We are pleased to serve the global marketplace – our

staff is fluent in English, Mandarin, and several other languages. For quality manufacturing and impeccable customer service, contact ZTL

Technologies today!

ZTL Technologies (ZTL Tech) offers a diverse range of manufacturing solutions to accommodate your needs. Regardless of quantity or complexity,

we are ready to serve you. Our parts and components have been used across the globe in many applications, including:

What Can We Help With?


Prototypes are useful to determine function, but also make a great sales and reference tool. Impress everyone at your next meeting with a fully-functional prototype of your design they can see, feel, and move. Using 3D printing or CNC machining we can manufacture your prototypes quickly and with extreme attention to even minute detail. Create a prototype using many materials, including:

  • Metal and alloys
  • Plastics
  • Rubbers, and more

If you are not sure which material is best for your project, we are happy to help you determine the best solution for you. We will put our experience to work and help you find the absolute best solution for your needs.


Our low-volume manufacturing operation combines superior technology, integrated manufacturing and design processes, and unmatched talent to create low volume orders quickly, accurately, and which exceed your expectations. For volumes over 50,000 units, ZTL Technologies offers incredibly competitive pricing and production times.

Manufacture More

With ZTL Technologies, you get:

  • Connected, in-house operations
  • Access to expert advice
  • Many materials to choose from
  • Expedited delivery of completed projects
  • Superior quality control

If you’re ready to talk about your project, get a free quote, or just want to know more about us, give us a call today!

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